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        Ortho Peadic Memory


        This is a very popular Ambers bed, memory foam dual side mattress on a traditional 12.5g ortho spring unit. Dual sided mattress designed with memory foam on the winter side for warm winter nights and white polyester fibre filling on the summer side for those cool summer nights.


        Memory foam topper gives you a very healthy night’s sleep, sumptuous layers of luxurious fillings to create extra firmness, promoting support and comfort. Hand tufted finish.

        Ortho firm support mattress has low allergy properties and is resistant to dust mites. Upholstered on a quality, stress free fabric.

        Additional information

        3’, 4’, 4’6’’, 5’ and 6’ available as divan sets or separate if desired.

        Shown with Miami Headboard in Ortho Memory Fabric