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        A stunning 4 drawer storage bed upholstered in a fawn fabric. Ideal for smaller rooms with so much storage space. This range of bedroom furniture includes a 5 drawer chest and a 6 drawer dresser complete with mirror. All finished in matching fabric for a really exquisite look. (Available in 4’6’’ Double and 5’ King Size)

        Product Dimensions

        Package Dimensions

        Package Dimensions

        Pack Qty

        Double (4’6”):

        L209cm x W145cm x H122cm


        King (5’):

        L220cm x W159cm x H122cm

        Double (4’6”):

        196cm x 33cm x 10cm

        149cm x 41cm x 11cm

        143cm x 16cm x 10cm

        149cm x 59cm x 13cm

        149cm x 124cm x 12cm

        King (5’):

        164cm x 125cm x 12cm

        156cm x 57cm x 13cm

        157cm x 16cm x 10cm

        163cm x 41cm x 12cm

        207cm x 34cm x 10cm


        Dresser: W111cm x H77cm x D43cm

        Chest: W81cm x H121cm x D43cm

        Mirror: L90cm x W71cm

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        Additional Information

        Standard 4’6’’ and 5’ mattress applies