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        Stunning diamante buttons in a black linen upholstery make for a very beautiful combination. This bed has piping detail around the side rails and footboard adding to its appeal. It comes with a slatted base. (Available in 4’6’’ Double and 5’ King Size)

        Product Dimensions Package Dimensions Package Dimensions Pack Qty

        Double (4’6”):

        L205.5cm x W152.5cm x


        Double (4’6”):

        195cm x 36cm x 17cm

        155cm x 150cm x 10cm

        King (5’):

        168cm x 150cm x 10cm

        207cm x 17cm x 36cm

        King (5’):

        L218.5cm x W165cm x H115cm
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        Additional Information

        Standard 4’6’’ and 5’ mattress applies