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        New Sheffield


        A fun sleigh bed upholstered in black faux leather. Features a nice panelled detail to headboard and footboard, this is one of our most popular styles. (Available in 4’6’’ Double and 5’ King Size)

        Product Dimensions

        Package Dimensions

        Package Dimensions

        Pack Qty

        Double (4’6”):

        L222cm x W147cm x H97cm

        Double (4’6”):

        148cm x 18.5cm x 88cm

        148cm x 18.5cm x 68cm

        192cm x 13cm x 23cm

        King (5’):

        164cm x 18.5cm x 88cm

        164cm x 18.5cm x 68cm

        205cm x 13cm x 23cm

        King (5’):

        ? ? ?


        Additional Information

        Standard 4’6’’ and 5’ mattress applies